This is a testimony straight from Mr. Tuell. (please see pictures below) We were able to provide his power chair to him through his insurance, and we provided seat elevation through the Foundation:

Three weeks ago both of my legs had to be amputated. I have a rare blood disease that causes clotting. I have mass of blood clots in my heart and one in my right arm that causes a lot of pain. I had a manual wheelchair that would flip over backwards if I wasn’t very careful and caused my arm to hurt for hours just wheeling to the bathroom. I tried to get a power chair for 2 years and the doctor’s seem to discourage it or not want to discuss it. I was recommended Jones Adaptive they guided and encouraged me to pursue getting one. I got a new doctor and she recommended it first visit she also recommended Jones Adaptive. May God bless those wonderful people they updated me informed me of my responsibility and kept me updated throughout the process. They managed to get me the chair today before Christmas and it’s awesome I could have never got it without them. I had given up. They are professional but real and kind. They are doing God’s work and helping many people in need that may be giving up to. This for me is a blessing and a miracle. I’m so happy today I just sit and look at it and it’s hot lol. Thank you Jones Adaptive God Bless Everyone of you. Merry Christmas.


J.R. Tuell


The chair has changed my life. Thank you. I can get to high shelves safety without fear of falling or something falling and hitting me and I can actually see in the bathroom mirror. Shaving is so much easier and safer now. I am on blood thinners so I have to be careful. The pain in my right arm has decreased greatly. I don’t put off going to the bathroom because I dread the pain, so I don’t get a regular UTI and go through the antibiotics and discomfort. You people have helped me more than I could write and my appreciation is beyond description . I can say, God Bless You All and Thank You.