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Brittany is a constantly smiling, joyful, 29 year old young lady with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. She lives with her Grandmother in a lovely home in a small town in North East Tennessee.  Brittany uses a beautiful orange power chair for all of her mobility and positioning due to increased spasticity in her arms and legs. Brittany is unable to transfer (stand up and move from her bed to the chair) from one location to the other without help from her Grandmother.

When I was delivering the power chair to Brittany I went into each room to see the doorway width and maneuverability of the chair into each room. I also check to see what setup and equipment Brittany uses in the bathroom/shower. At that time I noticed that Brittany had a pile of pillows around her toilet in a way that would hold her safely on the toilet.  Read more..

Case STudy

Danny Willis

I wanted to let you guys know how much what you do here matters so much with people in this area. Our people. I just helped Brenda Willis put her son Danny’s new stroller in her car. I think Danny was
our #2 patient at Jones Adaptive maybe #1 I don’t remember. He was very complicated and lives in Haysi. He has always needed a lot of postural support and has always gotten a complicated tilt in space chair. For his entire life his mother has had to deal with the large chairs. With either a trunk and her picking up in and out or a van, or public transit.

Anyway, Danny is older, so is Brenda. Danny needed more help and more visits to the Doctor with a different medication. Jennifer, Luke’s wife, mentioned to Luke that Danny had been coming into the clinic where she works and Brenda was having trouble getting him there in the bulky chair we delivered (insurance paid for).  Read more..

Case STudy

Aquilino Hernandez

Aquilino Hernandez was injured while helping a friend cut down some trees on January 5 2021. He suffered a T9 complete Spinal Cord Injury requiring him to use a wheelchair for all mobility related activities. Aquilino lives at home with his wife and 3 school aged sons. When Aquilino was discharged from the hospital he was required to purchase his own manual chair from the Salvation Army, it has only one arm rest and is at least 2” too narrow. Aquilino attempted to go through his insurance for a custom manual wheelchair because the current chair he is using is not working for him nor his life.

Aquilino saw a physician, a therapist specializing in Wheelchair seating, and an ATP with corroborating documentation justifying his current need for a custom wheelchair. The insurance would not cover a new chair. Read more..

Case STudy

John Tuell

Three weeks ago both of my legs had to be amputated. I have a rare blood disease that causes clotting. I have mass of blood clots in my heart and one in my right arm that causes a lot of pain. I had a manual wheelchair that would flip over backwards if I wasn’t very careful and caused my arm to hurt for hours just wheeling to the bathroom. I tried to get a power chair for 2 years and the doctor’s seem to discourage it or not want to discuss it. I was recommended Jones Adaptive they guided and encouraged me to pursue getting one. I got a new doctor and she recommended it first visit she also recommended Jones Adaptive.

May God bless those wonderful people they updated me informed me of my responsibility and kept me updated throughout the process. They managed to get me the chair today before Christmas and it’s awesome. Read more..


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